Hi! I’m Joanna


I understand my purpose is fully aligned with my intention to teach, guide, and nourish you with my genuine and unbounded heart.


I am a registered yoga and meditation teacher (RYT200) with the Yoga Alliance. There is incredible beauty in the lineages passed onto me through my teachers (and their teachers) and I honor all of it, but, I have to say that I've found the most joy in integrating my own experience with the knowledge I've received. This is what I call Luna Wisdom.


I've integrated the Lunar cycle, yoga and meditation, along with other healing modalities such as journaling and vision boarding... these are the practices that changed my life, and this is what I'm here to teach you.

The story behind

Luna Wisdom

My journey started in 2018 after being 100% uncomfortable with myself, my body was begging me for a change and my intuition wanted to be heard, so I listened.

Following another healer's advise, I signed up for yoga and meditation, and I started journaling with the moon. By the 3rd month in my journey I read a book called Moon Mysteries and at that point I decided to really align with the Lunar cycle.

The Lunar cycle became a structure to manifest my goals, so I intuitively started vision boarding and integrating all practices with lots of clear intentions every New Moon... now, I'm a true manifestor. I have stories for days, and I just want to share all of it.

If I was able to have a paradigm shift in my life, so can you and I'm here to inspire you, motivate you, and guide you.

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In my portals (or program offerings) you will find clarity, deep grounding into your intentions, elevate your intuition, and I will teach you exactly as I would've loved someone to integrate all of it for me.

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It's a 6-week program to connect with your Inner Wisdom and let it guide you. Starts with the New Moon on July 9th.



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