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Inner Wisdom Portal

Unlock this portal and step into an opportunity to reconnect with yourself.

 If you are feeling ready to let go of resistance, blockages, heaviness, and you are so attracted to having an energy shift in your life, you are craving change and positivity... this is the program for you!




  •  I will guide you to align with the lunar cycle from an angle of structure for your life, goals, energy, and manifesting.
  • I will introduce you to meditation techniques that you can practice on your own.
  • Beginner yoga asana (physical practice) as well as one week intro to yoga principles that you can carry for you now and for the ret of your inner journey.
  • If you are having difficulty creating a routine, together, we will create a personalized routine for you.
  • I have mindfully curated journaling 3 times a week to help you root deeper in your journey so you openly welcome all of your spiritual evolution.


This is a deep spiritual scrubbing,

are you ready for clarity and alignment?

I'm ready!


  • Your approach to manifesting is wishful thinking.
  • You associate abundance with finances only.



  • You are looking to open up for limitless abundance through spirituality and synching in to the Lunar cycle.
  • You are committed to yourself and your evolution, ready to take action. Careful, action doesn't mean burning out (been there a few times and I can speak from experience), I will guide you though creating your own plan of action... everyone has a particular situation so we have to be mindful on how much action we take.
  • You want to integrate gratitude practices, journaling, vision boarding, meditation, and yoga to shift your mindset and live intentionally.

By the end of these 6 weeks you will...

Be confident and grounded in your uniqueness and your values.


Have explored and established a daily routine that works for you.


Created your own spiritual "box" with all of your favorite practices.


Aligned with the Lunar cycle as a structure to manifest.

Intuitively connected with the Universe to let it meet you half way.


Trusting in yourself and letting your intuition lead you.





There is an underlining theme from beginning

to end... and a SURPRISE too!


We are stepping into the INNER WISDOM PORTAL in alignment with the New Moon on July 9th, it'll be a soft energy space and meditation with third eye activation.

I will guide you through the lunar cycle through the entire program, week by week... so this graph above, screenshot and keep it handy.

Here's the surprise, but I can't give you all of the scoop now... I will guide you through a special abundance activation towards week 6. I have been practicing this activation for 2 years now and 'lacking' is not a word in my dictionary, I want to share all of it with you!

Did anyone say abundance isn't spiritual?

Not only will we be unlocking your Inner Wisdom, we will also unleash your abundance to flow in all directions through your life. Can you tell I'm excited!!!???

I'm excited too!

Take a moment to close your eyes, place your hands at your center and say these words:

How did you feel? 
If these words brought you a smile, and excitement at your core... reach for that feeling and I'm here to guide you.
Investing in ourselves is one of the biggest acts of self-love and true expansion that we can commit to in our journey.
Allow me to guide you.


"What is relatable about you is that you're down to earth and understanding. What inspires me about you is how hard to work for your community. You make us all feel comfortable."
- Emely F.
"I love that when you need a break for yourself you do it and you share when you need it. Role model! "
-Melody G.
"Your energy feels balanced and trustworthy " 
- Michelle A. 
"I love your easy going personality and how genuine you are. Even just from interacting online before I met you, I felt like your aura brings peace and tranquility which is very inviting and wants to make me work with you!"
- Jessica H.
"Your energy- it shows u care & want to share and you just being joy in every sentence you say! It is AUTHENTIC and believable u are doing this bc u want to and a calling"
- Nicole
"Your authenticity inspires me. Your energy and vibration is magnetic and my spirit gravitates towards you. "
- Paula O.


"I LOVE that you’re authentic, jovial, and that you have a heart of gold. "
- Michelle W.

Hi! I'm Joanna!

I understand my purpose is fully aligned with my intention to teach, guide, and nourish you with my genuine and unbounded heart.


I am a registered yoga and meditation teacher (RYT200) with the Yoga Alliance. There is incredible beauty in the lineages passed onto me through my teachers (and their teachers) and I honor all of it, but, I have to say that I've found the most joy in integrating my own experience with the knowledge I've received. This is what I call Luna Wisdom.


I've integrated the Lunar cycle, yoga and meditation, along with other healing modalities such as journaling and vision boarding... these are the practices that changed my life, and this is what I'm here to teach you.

I'm so ready!