MAY 23-27

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Heart & Sage Retreat


Our heart centered  retreat will take place in the Smoky Mountains at  Under Canvas! It will be a fun glamping experience that will nourish your soul through practices from yoga and sound healing, journaling and meditation, to hiking and zip-lining! 





  • Those who keep craving some time for themselves, to unplug a little (or a lot).


  • Anyone who is dedicated to their spiritual evolution and looking to reclaim their essence.


  • Anyone who is feeling that they want to nourish their heart and freshen up! 


  • For the adventurer that loves unique experiences and nature.


  • Those who want fresh air, human connection, all while finding inner peace... and remembering their joy!

Ready to make that Connection with yourself?

I'm Ready!


Treat yourself to a unique glamping experience in the mountains


Activate your inner fire! Enjoy campfire talks under the starry sky

Breathe fresh air all day! Hike to a waterfall, and fly through mountaintops on a zipline


Receive sound healing to ground, soften you, and elevate your vibration!


Feel the uplifting power of vinyasa yoga, synchronized breath, and setting a daily intention

Be guided through intentional wisdom sessions, paired with journaling and meditation

Connecting with the Moon

The retreat will take place during the Last Quarter Moon, which is the phase that inspires closing cycles and leads you into soft energy energy of the Balsamic Moon, for you to resurface fresh, renewed and with an entire new approach. This is a retreat intentionally curated for you to nourish your heart, your inner child... an opportunity to connect with your most authentic self and show up wholeheartedly for your new phase.

Day 1 


Meet us in Nashville, arrive to our retreat home in the Smoky Mountains, settle in, take a walk and start immersing.
At nighttime gather by the campfire under the starry sky and enjoy the start of your Heart & Sage experience.

Day 2


Open this day with the sunrise, meet us by the mountain for asana practice.
Today is all about trust and discovery, let’s go on an 3 mile hike to a gorgeous waterfall. Tune in to nature and let yourself On this day you will be remembering and awakening your essence and joy surface.

Day 3


Today is all about freedom and joy! Start the day with a mandala asana practice, and prep for you zip line adventure! We will be flying from treetop to treetop in a 2 hour experience! Also… the mountain views!!!!
Enjoy the campfire, the new friends and company, have some s’mores and have fun! This effortless night is all yours!

Day 4

Heart & Sage

Heart & Sage! This is the day in which all of your experience, self-discoveries, and intentions come together to flow. We have curated two ancient wisdom workshops for you, we are very excited for the magic, feeling, and shared wisdom of this day.
This night’s closing ceremony will last you a long time! Be present, show up with your heart, your intuition, and all of your highest self because we are so ready to guide you!

Day 5


One more sunrise before we go with a heart centered meditation and journaling practice.
I want this retreat!

"Jojo is an amazing woman! Her energy is infectious. I was going through the most painful breakup of my life, and her radiance helped me find healing within myself. I've never felt confident in my ability to manifest or journal but with her guidance they both have become important parts of my practice. Thank you for breathing life into the women around you!"

- Angie, Mexico Retreat Participant

"My experiences with Fabi's sound healing sessions have been nothing but delighting and GROUNDING! My spirit is taken out of my body feeling completely relaxed and at peace. The mantra for the balancing of the feminine and masculine energies helped me tremendously. The energy, and love she puts into the instruments make the magic touch. Thank you!"

- Yenny, Student

"Having a sunrise yoga practice with Joanna was a great way to set my mood for the day, and the savasana was always a a colorful dream"

- Andrea, Student

"Fabi! No sabes lo linda de la experiencia de sound healing que nos diste! Senti como poco a poco fui viendo todo el corre corre de mi vida diaria hasta que llegue a un espacio de calma tan especial que es el que me ayuda a recuperar mi energia cuando me siento bajita! No sabes lo agradecida que estoy por esa experiencia maravillosa y por enseñarme las herramientas [para encontrarme a mi misma y recalibrar mi esencia para seguir adelante!!!"

Joseline- One Day Retreat Participant

"Joanna you are the kind of woman that can transform the energy of a room, you are magic! I'm thankful to meet you because you always have the right question to help me find myself, or even better, the right words because you radiate peace, love, and a lot of wisdom; pure inspiration!"

- Laura, Mexico Retreat Participant

"Thank you so much Joanna. I joined your full moon ritual on Yoga Illustrators and just loved your vibe! So will be joining your community. I have been struggling to find lunar coaching and then I found you!!!!"

- Caitlin, Yoga Illustrators Member

"The retreat was out of this world. Catalina held such a beautiful space for my heart to heal and my soul to shine. I recommend coming on a retreat with Catalina or at least being in her grounded and nurturing energy."

- Jess Moroz

Retreat Includes

  • Glamping {5 days, 4 nights}
  • Yoga, Meditation, Sound Bowl Healing, Journaling.
  • Ancient wisdom workshops
  • Zip-lining experience
  • Airport transfer to campsite {arrival + departure. 3.5 hours from Nashville}
  • 4 breakfasts, 4 dinners {grab-n-go lunches available for purchase}
  • Nightly group integration by the campfire with S'mores
  • Group Hiking
  • Nature Immersion
  • Star Gazing
Does NOT Include:
  • Airfare

Your Investment


$1,888 means...


  • Spending quality time with Yourself and other conscious souls.


  • A 5-day heart centered retreat guided by two people full of intention to give you an amazing journey.


  • Unique glamping experience, mindfully curated to refresh and reconnect.

Joanna Figueroa


Spiritual Alignment, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

”I am so ready to share all of Me with you, nothing makes me happier than holding space for your journey… our journey!

My inner fire is courageous, strong but also subtle, it’s compassionate and kind, it’s mindful and it’s contagious… if I can inspire you to find a happy place and nourish your spirit, then my heart glows!

Is your heart starting to glow?

We are going to ground! … journal, meditate, hike, sleep, do yoga… share sunrises and sunsets… and let our heart free!!!

I teach and guide from a space of authenticity, genuine intentions, and love!

See you in the mountains!”



Hi, I’m Catalina.

Medicine Woman. Animal Lover. Nomad; A bridge between the spiritual and the physical, empowering beautiful souls to manifest their dream lives by finding the answers within themselves.

My expertise includes being a yoga teacher, Rebirthing Breath-work practitioner and spiritual mentor, amongst many other life experiences.

I can’t wait to meet you in Tennessee and share shamanic healing tools, embodiment practices and ancestral ceremonies to guide all of us back to our Hearts, Souls, and Mother Earth.

See you soon!
Much love, CM



I'm so ready!